What is copyright law in Poland?

Copyright refers to the rights that creators of literary and artistic works have. Copyright gives creators the exclusive right to use or grant permission to others to use their works in certain ways.

It enables creators to exercise control over their works and receive appropriate royalties for them. The copyright protection system thus encourages creators to act by identifying them as authors, as well as ensures that they receive remuneration for their creative work.

In addition, so-called related rights to copyrights provide protection for performing artists (such as musicians or actors), producers and broadcasting organizations.

Copyright and the associated economic benefits usually last for at least 50 years after the death of the creator, although in some countries the period of protection of the creator’s economic rights has been extended even to 90 years after the author’s death (currently in Poland it is 70 years).

Once the copyright protection period ends, the work becomes public domain and its reproduction from then on does not require the payment of royalties, although the authorship of the work forever belongs to the creator. One of the biggest threats to creators in the Polish market is violation of their copyrights through piracy or plagiarism.

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