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IP legal services

Our lawyers can give guidance on all matters relating intellectual and industrial property law, and can also help you choose which service is right for you. Regardless of your location, you may email us at [email protected] and we will respond promptly.

Trademark registrability examination

The first stage of our cooperation is to verify if your trademark has a chance to be protected in Poland. We perform an in-depth legal analysis (due diligence), which allows us to determine whether your idea can enter the market and you will not break the law.

Trademark registration in Poland

Your trademark application must be filed with the Intellectual Property Office of Poland (Urząd Patentowy). A power of attorney form (PoA) allows our attorney to act on your behalf. At any stage of the procedure you do not have to appear in person in Poland.

Trademark monitoring

After a successful trademark registration, we offer further trademark vigilance to combat competitors who may try to launch a similar and confusing trademark to deceive potential customers.

Joanna Susło, Ph.D.

Attorney Joanna Suslo is the founder of SOS Legal Suslo Optimal Solution. Joanna has an international background and professional experience in IP legal services, including cross-border cases. She obtained her Ph.D. and studied at prestigious universities in Paris, France and New Jersey, USA. Joanna has been handling trademark cases since 2011. She is concrete, direct and comfortable in court. She is able to resolve difficult disputes regarding intellectual and industrial property issues. She always finds the best solution for the client. Thanks to her extensive knowledge of IP procedures and foreign languages (she is fluent in Polish, French and English), she handles cases in Poland in a complex manner.

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