What is a patent in Poland?

A patent in Poland is a special type of right that protects an invention and guarantees the patent owner the exclusive right to manufacture, use, distribute or sell products made according to the patented invention. Generally, patents can be maintained for a maximum of 20 years. Once the patent expires, the protection of the invention ceases, making it in the public domain. From that point on, commercial use and exploitation of that invention by persons other than those to whom the patent was granted is permitted.

Patents not only guarantee protection, but also encourage inventors to work innovatively, both by providing an opportunity to introduce the creator of the invention to the public and by providing a potential opportunity to receive remuneration for the developed invention. New solutions serve as a valuable source of learning for other inventors, as well as providing inspiration for other researchers and innovators, while enriching worldwide technical knowledge.

If the patent owner cannot afford to produce and market the patented invention himself, he can resell the patent or license production according to the patent to entities that can realize the creator’s idea.

Example: almost everything around us is somehow connected to industrial property. Even a product like sandals can be protected by a patent, ensuring comfort in their use, as well as industrial designs related to the shape of the sandals, their soles, or decorative elements of the strap. Additionally, a valued trademark appearing usually in a visible place enhances the value of the offered product.

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Trademark in Poland

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