What are the goods and services associated with a trademark in Poland?

Under Polish and European law, a list of goods and services for which the trademark is intended to be designated must be submitted with the application for trademark protection.

The goods and services should be indicated by the applicant in a clear and precise manner, allowing the scope of protection to be determined. The applicant should use Polish technical terminology and unambiguous terms.

When preparing the list of goods, classes grouping specific goods and services should be indicated in accordance with the current classification adopted under the Nice Agreement – the International Classification of Goods and Services, known as the “Nice Classification.”

In preparing the list of goods and services, the Authority strongly recommends using the TMClass tool, which includes the Harmonized Database of Terms (HDB). This database contains tens of thousands of names of goods and services on the correctness of which the authorities, including the Polish Office, have issued their positive opinion. Compiling a list of goods using the indicated tool will significantly speed up the processing of the application. A link to the indicated database (http://tmclass.tmdn.org/ec2/) can be found on the website of the Polish Patent Office, as well as on the website of the European patent office, i.e. EUIPO.


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